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03 JUN 2010

Clickie Award Nomination

Woohoo, great news! I’ve been nominated for the Clickburg Webcomic Award 2010, also known as the...

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06 MAY 2010

Interview: The Cartoonist's Survey

Just finished reading the interview I did for David Wasting Paper’s Cartoonist’s Survey-blog,...

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16 APR 2010


I just saw the temporarily guestslist of the FACTS convention, and found out i’m in exceptionally good...

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19 AUG 2009

Nominated for 'Stripschapspenning'

Lectrr has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch comicbook-price for the first time. His album “Lars!...


01 MAY 2008


Chilling out in Barcelona with fellow comicbook-artists. 


19 DEC 2007

Spinvis Concert

This weekend I was a guest at Belgium’s finest Comicbookfestival “Strip Turnhout” in Turnhout. Signing loads of...