Comics and funnies

Lectrr has been involved in comics ever since his cartooning debut in 2002. Mostly short stopcomics for commercial use, but also as a writer for other artists (ao. Steven Dupré).


Lars is an ugly crooked looking dog with an oversized head that has been terrorising newspapers for more than a year. He gets into the craziest adventures together with his owner Boris and his best friend Otto. 
Lars appears (or appeared) in newspapers like Gazet van Antwerpen (Belgium), Algemeen Dagblad (The Netherlands), Belang van Limburg (Belgium), and magazines like Woef (Belgium). He's been recent ventures involved publications in Scandinavian magazines and online appearances in Germany. Multiple albums have appeared in Dutch.


How could one go about telling the history of the Belgian city of Turnhout better than with a comic book? Written by Lectrr and drawn by Charel 'Jump' Cambré (of Spike & Suzy fame)?
Using seven short stories, the authors dig into the legends and myths of this city. Featuring outlaws in the Wild West, the true historic tales of testtube babies in the fifties or a mysterious animal that still haunts the outskirts of town: Turnhout Terminus is a true gem and a must-read for any comic book fan.


Bi-weekly comic for Vacature, about a small family business and its employees in times of economic turmoil. Expect to be blown away by silly office-humour that would make Dilbert pee his pants.


The Teachers' Room will never be the same... Headmaster Rolf and principal Dolf take over the pages of Klasse for Teachers, a free monthly magazine published by the Belgian Ministry for Education and spread among all Belgian teachers.  Absurd gags about the life on Campus Hilarious, where students leave school more stupid than the day they arrived there. 


Since 2012 every two weeks in thé magazine for the Belgian IT-professionals: a gag strip about computers, smartphones, programming languages and IT mumbo jumbo nobody understands. But that's no problem, since the jokes are hi-la-rious! 


Wormtroopers was Lectrr debut comic, dating back to 2002. Critically acclaimed and bashed by others, it's a satire at the height of autobiographical graphic novels.