About Lectrr

Hara Kiwi is a silly and absurd weekly cartoon series, in the tradition of The Far Side or Bizarro. It’s made up entirely by the Belgian evil genius/cartoonist Lectrr, who resides in Ghent, the Silliest City on Earth (apart from Chickasaw, Ohio, which is in fact sillier). Hara Kiwi first appeared in 2001.
Lectrr is about 35 years old, and extremely sexy. Lectrr loves fanmail, especially from nymphos. Except when the aforementioned nymphos have strong facial features due to incestious relationships. In that case: don’t bother sending us a mail.

The Hara Kiwi series have been translated in Dutch, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, German, French and Hungarian and has been published by loads of European magazines (too much to mention them all, sorry). In the past, at least ten dutch Hara Kiwi-books were published (SilvesterStrips and Strip2000 Editions, The Netherlands) and one German (Carlsen Verlag, Germany). Please mind: Hara Kiwi is named ‘Voll Krass!’ in German. Come to think of it, in Hungarian it is named ‘Hara Kivi’. With a ‘v’ instead of a ‘w’. 
Those silly Hungarians.