Can I publish your weekly cartoon on my website for free?

I’m sorry to say, but actually you can’t. These cartoons were made for our clients, who pay hard cash to publish these cartoons in their magazines and on their websites. It just wouldn’t be fair if we’d let other people publish the same cartoons for free.
This approach allows Lectrr to work as a professional cartoonist, making it possible for us to publish these cartoons on a regular basis and to reach an as big an audience as possible.
If you really want to show your audience our work, there’s only one way: show them the way to this website by blogging about it or sharing our link.

If you have a commercial website, magazine or newspaper and you want to syndicate our cartoon, just contact us. I’m sure we can figure out a good deal!

Can I use your bathroom?

Second door to the left.

Can I interview Lectrr?

But off course you can, honey. That is: if you’re up for the task. Lectrr has been known to make experienced Pulitzer-Price winning journalists go completely bananas after a fifteen minute interview. If you’re willing to take the chance (don’t say we didn’t warn you), contact us.

Is Lectrr really that sexy?

Is the pope jewish?

Where does the name ‘Lectrr’ come from?

Good question, but if we’d tell you the answer, we’d have to silence you. Make you sleep with the fishes. Give you a pair of concrete shoes. You know what I mean.
The thing is: no one knows the incredible secret about the origins of Lectrr’s name (besides of, perhaps, the Illuminati and the people behind Skulls & Bones who are in on all the good secret stuff), and we’re hoping to keep it that way.

Does it have anything to do with Hannibal Lecter?

Errr, no. And stop poking for an answer.

Is it Lectrr’s real name?

Sigh, no. His real name is Steven Degryse. At birth it was Sri Poopswipe Dingelong, but because of obvious reasons he changed that name the moment he became old enough to do so.

Couldn’t he have changed his name into Lectrr?

It’s a bit late for that now, isn’t it?