Product Design

Beautiful things draw more attention. So why wouldn't you have Lectrr design your packaging, company car or cd-cover? Many have gone before you. On this page we showcase some of our recent projects.

Special Edition Pisang Ambon-botton

Lectrr designed this special version of the well known Pisang Ambon-bottle for Dutch liquor company 'Bols'. Important in this project are the mascots that were designed: spread across the entire bottle these silly bananas have  hilarious adventures. The bottle was reshaped into a jungle scene by designing a background out of drawn banana-leaves. Allthough completely restyled, the bottle remains very recognisable for customers.

In cooperation with Comic House en advertising agency Square Melon.

MO* Tablet Cloth

The Belgian Mondial Magazine MO* asked Lectrr to design a tablet cloth as a promotional gift. Lectrr chose to draw a pattern with all the subjects that are at the core of the magazine.