25 SEP 2019

Andrews McMeel Syndication

Lectrr's international cartoons will now by distributed in the US by Andrew McMeel/Universal through CartoonArts...


22 JAN 2018


Great news! Effective immediatly, the New York Times Syndicate will be distributing Lectrr's cartoons!


27 FEB 2015

Prospect Magazine

Lectrr is now again published in the UK, this time by Prospect Magazine. 

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31 JAN 2011


Nøw åvåilåble in Nørwegiån bøøkstøres and newspåper...


25 JAN 2011

Angoulême 2011

Great news for all you comic-lovers out there, especially if you live in France! I’ll be visiting the biggest...

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03 JUN 2010

Clickie Award Nomination

Woohoo, great news! I’ve been nominated for the Clickburg Webcomic Award 2010, also known as the...