Lectrr writes scenario's for commercials, short animations and tv-animation. He and animates and directs himself, in both classic stop motion as cel-animation.

Back in 2010, Lectrr was one of the four animators creating 'Dag op Dag', the popular daily feature on 'Man Bijt Hond', one of Belgium's most watched tv-shows. (image: courtesy of Woestijnvis)

Recent projects: 


Real Estate developer Immpact had it's tenth anniversary in 2013, and that needed to be celebrated. We created this stopmotion-animation showing thee history of the company.

AZ St-Lucas Ghent

Hospital group AZ Sint-Lucas from Ghent (Belgium) wanted to revamp their annual report for the year 2012. What better way to do this than using an animation? 


For brewing company Heineken we've made several inhouse motivational movies.