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Nominated for 'Stripschapspenning' 19 AUG 2009

Lectrr has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch comicbook-price for the first time. His album “Lars! Attacks” was nominated for the Album of the Year-award
in the category “Youth”. The jury described the nomination like this:

“The master of absurd jokes finally dedicates himself to newspaper comics. His fear of dogs inspired him to create a series of hilarious, Tom & Jerry-like jokes in which the main character, a dog named Lars, is the victim of it all.”

Other nominees in the same category are “Zzzzeur Meyer” by Gerard Leever and “Opa Laat Zijn Tenen Zien” (translated: “Grandpa shows his toes”) by Floor de Goede and Erward van de VEndel.
The last book also won a Zilveren Griffel-award, an award for excellent childrens literature.
The winner of the Stripschapspenning 2009 wil be announced in september on the Stripdagen in Houten (The Netherlands), where Lectrr is also doing a signing session.