21 - 22 OCT 2017

Signing Session FACTS

You can find Lectrr and Stedho signing their first Red Rider comic book in the Artist Alley, or near the...

03 - 07 OCT 2016

Artist in Residency Passa Porta (Brussels)

Lectrr be working as an Artist in Residence in the literary community of Passa Porta in Brussels. Courtesy of De...

31 AUG 2016 - 06 NOV 2016

Expo Belgium Et Cetera


28 APR 2016

Lectrr Lecture

Lectrr talks about cartooning in Europe, about freedom of speech and censorship, about religion and humor, about...

19 APR 2016

You, The Middle East & The West

Panel debate about cartoons, freedom of speech and the differences between the West and the Middle-East.

11 FEB 2016

Cartoons and Taboos: Dancing in a Visual Minefield

A debate about cartooning and taboos. Internationally renowed cartoonists Kevin Kallaugher (KAL, The Economist),...