Lectrr in Angoulême 27 - 31 JAN 2011


Great news for all you comic-lovers out there, especially if you live in France! I’ll be visiting the biggest comic book festival of Europe this week, meeting with some french editors. And while I’m at it, I’ll be signing some Hara Kiwi books at the Flemish Literature Fund-booth (Place New York, Angouleme). Of course these books are Dutch, but still: how many times do you get the chance to meet Belgium’s sexiest male cartoonist in the flesh? For those not interested in my irresistable body I’ll be doing free commissions.
And your mother.

So if you run into to me at the festival: say hi! I’m easy to recognize: I’ll probably be the only Belgian artist that’s able to hold his liquor.

When: 27 to 30 January 2011.
Where: Angoulème, France (Le Nouveau Monde – Place New York, booth N6)
Why: because you want to.